Ever Heard Of Anyone Who Hates Music? How About A Dog That Hates Music? You Will Read About Him Now

A howling dog

Some dogs love music because it calms them down. Others love it because it hypes them up. However, one doggo hates music so much and it is because of its owners fault.

– A dog does not like music.
– The dog used to like music but one day he felt so stressed out when he heard music.
– One strum of the guitar makes the dog go…

Accordingly, the dog used to love music that he would howl along when a tune is being played. One day, however, the doggo became very sensitive to any kind of tune. The dog would even howl and cry while listening to the dog owner strumming his guitar. Because of the dog’s unusual reaction to music, the dog owners even thought that their furry friend was in physical pain.

The family tried to let the dog undergo immersion therapy and it might be working. The family plays a soft tune at a low volume and it is played throughout the day. The dog initially makes a commotion when he hears the tune but the dog eventually calms down.


Read the thorough scoop of Jamie Malbeuf at – https://www.cbc.ca/news

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