The Dog Groomer For Celebrities, Musicians Makes…

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A dog groomer that caters to celebrities, musicians, and other big names in Hollywood makes around $6,000 in just one week. She has already worked with the dog of Katy Perry, Ruby Rose, Nina Dobrev, and more.

A dog groomer makes $6,000 a week.
– The dog groomer grooms musicians’ and celebrities’ dogs.
– One of her frequent customers is…

The dog groomer, Jess Rona, is known for the music videos she makes with the doggos she works with. Some of the music videos are upbeat while others are dramatic. These doggos are the stars of the videos as a result of Rona’s time with them whenever she blow dries their fur or bathes them. She decided to make music videos of these doggos in order to attract more customers.

One of the frequent customers of Rona is Perry’s dog. Perry connected with Rona after the dog groomer groomed the musician’s doggo.


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