Enjoy Another Dog-Friendly Restaurant While Out With Friends, Drinking Some Beer, Eating Fresh Food

A dog with its owners at a restaurant

A dog-friendly restaurant called Hops & Thyme will be taking more orders soon. Dog owners can take their doggos with them and stay at the patio while enjoying great beer and fresh food because the restaurant just underwent renovation and could accommodate more people and animals.

– A restaurant is known to be dog-friendly.
– The restaurant is called Hops & Thyme.
– They recently expanded their space that is why more dogs and other pets can…

Accordingly, there is also a beer for doggos. To make it even more entertaining, every weekend, there is live music. Hops & Thyme is indeed catering not only to people but also to animals because they are one of the largest restaurants that is friendly to dog and other pets.

Hops & Thyme opened last February and the expansion was because they wanted to accommodate more people since their restaurant has been gaining a lot of attention.


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