Dog-Friendly Festival: Dog Shows, Music, And A Run

A dog with his owner at an event

A dog-friendly festival called Family Fun Fest took place in Sleaford, a town in England. The festival was full of music, dog shows, and a three-kilometer run.

The Family Fun Fest in Sleaford took place over the weekend.
– Dogs enjoyed the event as there were dog classes and lots of activities.
– Dog owners also had the chance to buy…

Doggos had a lot of fun at the event organized by Rainbow Stars Committee, a support group that aids parents and siblings of kids who are in the spectrum of autism. Dog owners and families also had a blast when the color run took place. The live music was performed by William Alvey School choir that surely entertained the event-goers.

Dog owners were able to let their dogs join different dog classes, too, during the event. There were a number of dog-related stalls so dog owners also had fun shopping for their fur babies. Some dogs also won prizes from the contests they joined.


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