Dog-Friendly Event Will Take Place This Sunday – You Shouldn’t Miss It For The World!

Dogs getting ready for a dog show

A fun day for doggos will be taking place this Sunday, June 23, at the Gardens of Easton Lodge in England.

– There will be a dog-friendly event this Sunday.
– It will be held at the Gardens of Easton Lodge.
– Music will be provided by…

Just a bit of history, the Easton Lodge was owned by the Countess of Warwick and it was later inherited by Frances Evelyn Maynard. Maynard loved her doggos and other pets. Her dogs are known to have participated in dog shows in the area back in the day. Maynard even shared in her memoir that she had a St. Bernard, which was given by the former Queen of Naples.

This year, the dog-friendly event will be organized by Wendy’s Petcare Service. During the event, there will be judges to judge who is the best puppy, the best veteran, the prettiest female doggo, the most handsome doggo, the dog who has the waggiest tale, and the dog that judges want to take home.


The event will start at 11:30 A.M. Music will start at 1:15 P.M. by Dummow Rock Choir. They will be singing rock and pop songs for the doggos and the eventgoers.

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