Dog-Friendly Bubbles And Brunch Event Is A First For Labor Day Weekend At…

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In San Antonio, Texas, Labor Day weekend is set this September. One of the events that dog owners and dog lovers are looking forward to is the dog-friendly Bubbles and Breakfast.

– During the Labor Day weekend in San Antonio, Texas, there will be a dog-friendly event.
– The Bubbles and Brunch is a first in the area.
– Dog lovers and dog owners will be able to dine on…

The event is a first in the area and is happening at Hemisfair Park from 10 in the morning through 1 in the afternoon this September 1. Basically, guests will dine on exclusive dishes, bubbly beverages, and even enjoy a mimosa bar. The music is cabana and bubbles will fill the air.

Other activities during the Bubbles and Brunch event include giant lawn games, kids having fun at the splash pad, a free photo booth, and more. There are no guidelines yet as to bringing doggos to the event.


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