Dog City Festival Was The Real Deal – Set New World Record For Largest Dog Yoga Class

A dog doing yoga

The Dog City Festival took place over the weekend wherein dogs and dog owners had a fun weekend. The event took place in Edmonton.

– The first ever Dog City Festival took place in Edmonton, Canada.
– The event set a new record of the largest number of participants in an outdoor yoga class.
– There was live music, beer, food, and…

The Dog City Festival attempted to set a world record for the largest outdoor dog yoga class and the organizers succeeded. The previous record was 270 dog participants while during the Dog City Festival, 470 people and their dogs participated.

Aside from that, there was a best-dressed dog contest, a flying disc dog show, a splash show, and pet massages. There were also music, local beers, foods, and basically a day of dog-filled fun.


This is one of the few rare times that such event is open to both humans and doggos because in Edmonton, there aren’t a lot of places that allow dogs. This is also the first time that such festival happened in Edmonton.

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