Doggo That Once Sang Alongside ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Contestant Is Injured And…


A doggo that once sang alongside a contestant for “Britain’s Got Talent” has been injured. Now, the contestant started a GoFundMe page to help with the medical costs.

– A dog was hit by a van and needs a hip operation.
– The doggo was once on the show “Britain’s Got Talent.”
– The doggo howls alongside its…

The dog and the owner reached the semi-finals of the 2011 “Britain’s Got Talent.” According to the dog owner, the doggo, Buddy, was hit by a van while they were out for a walk. She then turned to GoFundMe to ask people to donate for the dog’s hip operation. She was asking for only £1,200 but the donations have already reached £5,000.

The dog owner noted that she had to ask for donations because she has no work as of the moment due to the lockdown brought about by the coronavirus. She also revealed that she cancelled her pet insurance at the start of the lockdown because she had no means to pay for it.


Buddy is known for howling alongside the dog owner whenever she sings classical music. After their 2011 appearance on the show, they also had singing gigs together up until the lockdown.

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