Study: Dogs Are Into Beethoven But Their Counterpart Aren’t Impressed

Dog listens to music

Dogs have been part of many studies regarding the possibility of classical music such as Beethoven calming them down. Now, a study concluded that dogs really like Beethoven but cats aren’t fans.

– Dogs enjoy classical music.
– Cats do not like classical music.
– The stress levels of dogs when listening to the calming music have been significantly reduced.

A study was conducted by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals last February and it had dogs and cats as sample population. The study took the dogs from the animal shelter since the circumstances at these areas can be very stressful. They placed these dogs in a room where classical music played and found that the stress levels were significantly lower than when the dogs were at the shelter.


As for the cats, who were also taken from shelters, the study concluded that classical music did nothing for them.

Read the informative story by Ricky O’Bannon here –


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