When Did It Ever Happen That Doggos’ Barking Is Music To The Ears Of Hotel Guests?

Dogs at the hallway of a hotel

This is a different kind of “music to my ears” moment because hotel guests in one hotel are happy to hear doggos barking.

Dogs’ barking is music to the ears of the hotel guests at Hempfield Manoron.
– Therapy dogs frequently visit the hotel.
– Some of the guest even stock doggie treats as they…

The guests at Hempfield Manoron are now visited by dogs from Youngwood Top Dog Services. The therapy dogs from this company as well as those that are still in training are gladly welcomed by the hotel guests. Accordingly, hotel guests have even stocked a lot of doggie treats on their bedside drawers in anticipation of the therapy dogs’ visits.


Manor activity director Kristy Mathews said that they decided to bring in the doggos because they feel like some of the residents, whether they are staying for a short or long term, have given up their pets in the past. Having doggos visit the area would somewhat patch that loneliness the hotel guests have felt before.

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