Don’t Want To Hear A Dog’s Bark? Don’t Do What This Woman Did You Might End Up Getting Jail Time

A neighbor's barking dog

Sometimes, a dog’s bark becomes unbearable especially if the dog owner does not pay much attention to his or her furry friend. One woman did something in return that could mean jail time for her.

A woman was fed up with her neighbor’s dog barking.
– She started playing opera music at a high volume and at all hours of the day.
– The woman did this for…

According to reports, the woman is from Slovakia and she played an opera at a very loud volume so that she would no longer hear her neighbor’s dog barking. The catch is that she has done this for 16 years and at all hours of the day. Neighbors said that the woman constantly played Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata, as performed by Placido Domingo. One said that they love the opera singer but they really do not want to hear his song every time.

The woman was recently arrested and could face charges like harassment and malicious persecution. If convicted, she could be jailed for three years.


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