Do You Have A Dog? Does He Bark Or Howl When You Play The Clarinet? Read Here Why

Barking dog

A dog owner wrote to Joan Morris of Mercury News asking about the possible reason behind her doggo’s behavior. The dog reportedly barked non-stop when she played the clarinet.

A dog owner said that when she plays the clarinet, the dog barks non-stop.
– The doggo believes that the clarinet sound is a howl or a call from another dog.
– It is best to train the dog to keep quiet when told to do so and this can be achieved by…

The dog owner plays a clarinet in a community concert band and when she practiced once, the doggo barked non-stop.  Morris responded saying that dogs usually bark at musical instruments because they believe that it is another dog communicating with them. 


It is best to train the dog to keep quiet when the musical instrument plays. Morris said that the dog owner should do this via giving the doggo some treats. Later, the dog owner should introduce the clarinet and when the dog starts barking, she should give the doggo the command to be quiet.

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