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A musical for the Hollywood hit flick “Legally Blonde” will soon be showing at the Yeadon Town Hall in England. If you are in or near the area and you think your doggo can be part of the show, you should let your fur baby audition. Accordingly, they need two more doggos to be part of the musical.

– A musical for “Legally Blonde” is under works in England.
– The staff needs two more dogs.
– One will play the role of Bruiser, who is the…

The two dogs will play the roles of Bruiser and Rufus. The actress who will be playing the lead role, Elle Woods, said in a statement, “Bruiser is often the star of the show and it really will be such a brilliant opportunity and enormous fun for both the dog and its human family.” Bruiser must be a Chihuahua and the staff hopes that those who will audition for the role already has previous stage experience and would be available for rehearsals.

As for Rufus, they are looking for a British Bulldog type of dog.


If you are interested, send an e-mail to [email protected]. The production will be shown on May 12 through 16.

Read more about the musical from the comprehensive scoop of Annette McIntyre at –

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