Dog And Pony Show In Willow Springs Happening This Weekend

A dog at an event

Willow Springs Saddle Club will be having its Dog and Pony Show over the weekend. The event will start at 1 P.M. and animal lovers, pony owners, and dog owners are invited.

– Dogs and ponies are welcomed for this year’s Dog and Pony Show.
– The event is organized by Willow Springs Saddle Club.
– Some of the dog-related activities include…

For the activities lined up for doggos, there will be Dog Agility, Dog Dress Up, Dog Musical Chairs, and Dog Egg & Spoon. The participating doggos must be on a leash and when registered, proof of rabies vaccination must be shown. The Willow Springs Saddle Club worked with South Central Missouri Kennel Club to come up with the activities with the end goal of bringing together individuals who want to know more about care, training, and welfare of doggos.

The officials of the club said that they also decided to incorporate ponies for the event because they have seen an increase in the number of pony riders during their monthly horse shows.


There will be different awards given to the best performing doggos and ponies.

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