Doggo With Amazing Story Stars In New Music Video

A brown chihuahua lying on the grass

A singer, songwriter, and a dog rescuer named Laura Owens just released a music video for her song “Dogs.” One of the doggos in her music video actually has an amazing story.

– A music video for the song ‘Dogs’ was just released.
– One of the doggos there used to be an emotional support dog.
– The dog was rescued by the writer and singer of the song, Laura Owens.

According to Owens, she rescued the doggo, a senior Chihuahua named Gizmo. The doggo was formerly owned by Sarah Bates, a Camp Fire survivor. Gizmo served as an emotional support dog but already retired.

As for the song, Owens said it was inspired by her late doggo Maple, who unexpectedly died last year. Owens said that it was so unexpected that she felt a lot of emotions. She was crying every time she thought of Maple and one day, her mom talked to her saying that if she wished she never chose Maple to be in her life, she wouldn’t “be feeling pain right now, but you would have missed out on getting to have loved her.” She was then inspired to make the song because it is dedicated to everyone who is “anyone lucky enough to have owned, loved, and lost a dog.”


In the video, aside from Gizmo, the other doggos that were featured were the doggos that Owens rescued in the past.

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