Another Dog Has An Amazing Job – Ever Heard Of Professor Bunsen Honeydew?

A photo showing a Goldendoodle

A doggo, a three-year-old golden doodle, is making a lot of patients at Mount Sinai’s children’s hospital happy. The doggo, whose name is Professor Bunsen Honeydew, is one of the two dogs that works at the hospital.

– Two golden doodles are under Mount Sinai’s children hospital.
– They are part of the Paws and Play program.
– The dogs usually help kids to…

The dog is under a grant from PetSmart Charities so the hospital no longer needs to worry about Professor’s veterinary care, food, grooming, trainers, and more. This doggo is part of Mount Sinai’s Paws and Play program. Basically, this adorable doggo helps children adjust psychosocially as to being in the hospital and having an illness. There are lots of activities such as those that reduce stress, trauma, and pain and the doggos play a big part in those activities.


One of the patients that Professor works with is one who relies on the doggo for therapeutic needs. Most of the therapies that she does with the dog are related to art and music.

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