Dog Adoption Drive And Live Music – What’s Better Than This?

A cute Husky mix waiting to be adopted

The first ever dog adoption drive at Lake Forest in Illinois will take place this June. Along with the dog adoption will be live music to entertain the crowd.

A big adoption event is taking place at the Gorton Community Center.
– Families and individuals looking for a dog to adopt can go there on June 10.
– There will be live music and…

The dog adoption drive will take place at the Gorton Community Center. The center already hosts dog-centered events every year but it is the first time that it will partner with PAWS Chicago. The organization is the leading animal shelter that abides to the no-kill rule.


There will be adoption papers ready to be filled in for those who decided to adopt a dog. The event will also have fun events such as face painting and other kids’ activities. The music will be provided by local artist Ali Jackson. The dog adoption drive will be on June 10.

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