Singer Demi Lovato Is Taking A Break From Social Media Days After Her Doggo Died

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Singer Demi Lovato’s dog died earlier this month. Recently, Lovato announced she is taking a break from her social media accounts.

– Musician Demi Lovato lost another one of her dogs.
– Her dog that died is named Bailey.
– Following the dog’s death, she said that she is taking a break from…

In a black and white photo Lovato shared on Instagram, it showed her with her doggos. In the caption, she wrote, “RIP Bailey… we love and miss you already sweet girl. So grateful we had so many years with you… say hi to Buddy for me in Doggy heaven.” Buddy is her other dog, who died in 2015 after a coyote attack. Later, Lovato shared a photo on the same platform saying that she would be taking a break for a while. It is unclear for how long Lovato has had her doggo Bailey.

The social media break also comes after Lovato shared she has chosen Scooter Braun as her new manager. Braun has been called out by Taylor Swift recently regarding his acquisition of a large portion of her music.


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