Do You Know Anyone With Dementia? They Might Want To Enjoy This Train Ride On…

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On February, there is an event called Forget-me-not dementia train and there will be a lot of activities while on board the train. One of which involves a therapy dog.

– People with dementia will enjoy a train ride event called Forget-me-not dementia train.
– There will be live music on board.
– There will also be a therapy dog named…

People who have dementia and their carers are encouraged to be part of the event. The event will be on February 5 and the train will depart from the Whitby Station at 11:58 A.M. Tickets may be purchased from the booking offices or ticket machines but those who have Railcard for the Disabled should present it so they could get a discount.


Live music will be provided by Dave Clegg Duo and the passengers will also enjoy hand massages and facials. Quinn, a therapy dog of Pets as Therapy, will also be on board to keep the participants happy.

The train will travel along the Esk Valley line to Middlesbrough then back to Whitby. Participants are encouraged to bring snacks for the ride.

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