Musician David Crosby Talks About What He Is Thankful For – Dogs, Family, Friends

A Border Collie lab mix

Musician David Crosby is quite famous because of the songs he wrote and the bands he formed. However, he now plays for an audience that does not care that much about his fame.

– Musician David Crosby is now living a quieter life with his dogs.
– He shared in a recent interview that his dogs are treated royally by him.
– He also noted that his dogs are gifts from God.

In a recent interview, Crosby, now 78 years old, was in his California home and was singing to his three doggos. He has two border collies and a Labrador Retriever. He said that dogs love humans and they are a gift from God. He also shared during the interview that he treats his dogs royally.

Crosby no longer tours or does big concerts but he still performs. Now, he is living the best years of his life in the country side. He said of his ideal Sunday: “You’re hangin’ in someone’s backyard with a bunch of friends, kids and dogs around. That’s about as good as life gets. I’ve had some of my happiest times being with friends on those Sundays and just cooking, yakking and playing with all kinds of dogs and kids. Nothing is going to make me happier.”


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