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This Sunday, if you have nothing planned out yet, you might want to dog dancing with your doggo. Revolucion de Cuba in Huddersfield is hosting a dog-friendly event this May 19.

– If you want to dance with your dog, visit Revolucion de Cuba.
– The event is open to doggos.
– This is the first doggy disco event at the…

The bar is known for its salsa moves and it is opening the dance floor to four-legged dancers. This is the first ever doggy disco event at the bar and it is called Dogs of De Cuba. The bar already allows doggos to be with their owners until 5 P.M. but this event hopes that dog owners can relax after a tiring day via dancing with their doggos.

The events manager of the bar shared that there are not a lot of places where dog owners can take their doggos with them so they want their bar to be “as open as possible and not exclude anyone from enjoying what we have on offer here.” During the event, there will be music, free coffee, and cake.


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