Cuddle Me Fest And Corgi Con: What You Need To Know About These Awesome Dog-Friendly Events

A corgi on the beach

The Cuddle Me Fest and Corgi Con, which are two separate events, took place last October 13 and it was a blast! Dog owners, doggos, and even other pets all had fun at the event.

– Cuddle Me Fest and Corgi Con took place over the weekend.
– The Cuddle Me Fest was in line with the ASPCA’s 150th year.
– The Corgi Con, on the other hand, was…

Accordingly, the Cuddle Me Fest event took place at American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) in San Francisco while the Corgi Con took place at the Ocean Beach. The events were free and during the Cuddle Me Fest event, the adoption fee was even waived for qualified adopters. The ASPCA celebrated their 150th year in line with the event.


As for the Corgi Con, the event was likened to the popular TV show “Ninja Warrior.” The corgis that joined had to overcome a course. During these two events music was played for entertainment.

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