Country Singer Taylor Edwards Makes Music Video For Her New Single With Her Dog In Tow

A photo of a cute dog inside a car

A country singer named Taylor Edwards recently released the music video for her song “Hard Feelings.” When she shot the music video, she had her dog in tow and drove for hours to get to her family.

Country singer Taylor Edwards had her dog with her when she filmed the music video “Hard Feelings.”
– She drove with her doggo for eight hours to Arkansas while shooting the video.
– Her dog is named…

In the music video, Edwards is in her car with her doggo and her song comes up. She then jams to it while she and her doggo drives their way to Arkansas. The singer literally drove eight hours with her dog and shot the music video along the way.

The dog of Edwards is named Loretta and in her website, she said that her doggo is her spirit animal. Last October, Edwards celebrated her doggo’s birthday. She posted a photo of her dog wearing a birthday hat.


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