Country Singer Adopts A New Dog! He Says The Dog Felt Like Family When He Saw Him

A black and white Boston Terrier

A country artist named Filmore recently adopted a doggo. He said that when he saw the pup, he felt like family so he was sure he was going to adopt it.

– Country singer Filmore just got a dog.
– The singer saw an ad online about a couple giving away their pups.
– He named the dog Wrangler because…

The dog was given the name Wrangler. He is a black and white doggo and is a rescue dog. According to Filmore, he saw an advertisement online about a couple giving away their puppies. Filmore immediately asked about the dogs as he has been wanting to get a rescue dog for some time already. According to the dog owners, they could no longer take care of the new pups.


Filmore had to travel for three hours to get to Wrangler. Of seeing Wrangler the first time, Filmore shared, “There’s just something innate when you meet your dog. You just know. It was the connection. He felt like family the moment I saw him.” Filmore also took to social media to explain that he chose the name Wrangler for his new pup because he owned three Jeep Wranglers since he was 16 years old. However, he already sold his last vehicle so he can use it for his music career.

Since Filmore got Wrangler, they have been inseparable. The dog hangs out in his studio and goes on tour with the country artist.

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