Country Music Singer Tyler Rich Just Did Something Amazing For This Senior Dog

A dog sitting comfortably on a chair at home

Country music singer Tyler Rich is helping out senior doggos in his own ways. He reportedly turned his home into an amazing environment for one senior doggo.

– A country music singer rescued a senior dog.
– He turned his home into an amazing environment so the neglected dog can thrive.
– The doggo is now feeling healthier and…

Accordingly, Rich adopted a 16-year-old doggo during this pandemic. The dog is named Max and Rich and his wife decided to adopt him back in May. The dog was neglected so the couple tried their best to make him healthy again. Rich pointed out, “We found out about him and agreed that his last glory days, glory weeks, needed to be good.” After the senior dog got healthier with them, they went on trips with Max and their other doggo at the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe, and Yosemite.

Since Max has been with Rich and his wife, they have documented the progress of the dog. Rich also encourages his fans to adopt a senior dog because according to him, “A few good years with a dog is worth it and there is no greater reward than taking in a senior shelter dog and seeing that dog come back to life.”


Rich is a huge dog lover and even made an account called Rich’s Rescue. The Instagram account shows off doggos that are adoptable and need fur-ever homes.

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