Country Music Singer Releases New Music And It’s About His Rescue Dog

A German Shepherd on the grass

A country music singer named Wade Hayes released his new music called “Who Saved Who.” The song is actually about his rescue dog, Jack.

– Wade Hayes, a country music singer, has a rescue dog.
– He recently released a song called “Who Saved Who.”
– The song is about his rescue dog, which helped him…

The song is a real tearjerker because it’s the personal story of Hayes and his doggo. Hayes shared in an interview that he found the doggo at a filling station back in the year 2000. The dog was so skinny, had holes in him, and was pretty much beaten up. The dog jumped up in the truck of Hayes as if he knew he belonged there. As years went by, the singer said that they have been through a lot together and that he wrote the song because he noticed his dog was already getting older. He never intended to record it but a song as beautiful as this one deserves to be heard. He tried singing the song in front of an audience one night and he saw people weeping so he decided to just record it.


The dog really helped Hayes because he was diagnosed with colon cancer back in 2011. Hayes said the doggo helped him immensely during his battle.

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