Country Music Singer Claims Her Service Doggo Was The Center Of The Harassment Towards Her During Plane Ride

Diabetes Service Dog

A country music singer from the United States claims that her diabetes service doggo was the reason why she was harassed while on a plane ride. She was travelling with American Airlines from North Carolina to Maryland that time.

– A country singer had her service dog with her during a flight.
– A flight attendant became rude towards her and her service dog.
– The singer has the service dog due to her Type 1 diabetes.

The country music singer was identified as RaeLynn, who has Type 1 Diabetes and was to talk about her illness in Maryland. The 23-year-old claimed that a flight attendant harassed her throughout the flight for having the doggo on the plane. Accordingly, the flight attendant accused the singer that her dog was not trained and was not really a service dog because the dog won’t keep itself under the plane seat.


The singer has always flown with her diabetes service dog and this was the first time she ever encountered a problem because of it.

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