Country Music Singer Devotes Some Time For Shelter Dogs In…

Dogs at a shelter visited by a volunteer

Music really helps doggos in many situations. However, this country music singer did not play some songs for doggos at a shelter in Michigan but decided to devote his time to them to raise awareness about adoption.

– Country music singer Tyler Rich visited the Humane Society of West Michigan recently.
– This is part of his “Rich Rescue” program.
– He posts videos on his social media about the adoptable dogs from the shelters he visits.

The country music singer is identified as Tyler Rich and he visited the doggos at the Humane Society of West Michigan. Rich was in the area for his concert last week when he decided to go to the shelter. Accordingly, Rich was given a tour of the animals that are under the care of the humane society. He even played with some of the doggos at the shelter. Rich said that his visit is part of his new project called “Rich Rescue.” In a statement, Rich said, “We like to visit shelters while we’re on tour to bring awareness to some of the animals that people that live locally might not know are in here looking for homes.” Rich posts videos on his social media accounts to talk about the dogs during his shelter visits.

Rich has a rescue dog of his own named Abby. She is a husky and he rescued her when she was only five months old. Fifteen years later, Rich still has Abby. Later, he adopted two more huskies.


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