Cop Was Having A Great Evening With Doggo While Listening To Music Then Something Happened

A dog on the porch

A cop was at home with his dog and they were listening to some country music when a stranger asked if he could seek refuge in his home. Turns out, that stranger is a thief.

– An off-duty cop was at home with his dog.
– They were listening to country music.
– A stranger came up in his home and…

The cop, who was off-duty at that time, was asked by the stranger to help the latter because he was being chased by cops. The cop then told the stranger that he ran into the wrong house and subsequently grabbed the man by the shoulder and tried calling the cops. His country music, however, was on full blast and he could not figure out how to turn the stereo off. He eventually called the cops. Accordingly, the stranger is the suspect in a burglary incident earlier. The other police officers could not believe that the person they were looking for would run into another cop’s home.


The off-duty cop, however, had one disappointment that night. His dog did not do anything when the stranger came in nor did the dog move when there was already an altercation between the cop and the burglar.

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