Things You Should Consider During This Quarantine – Dogs, Loud Music, Work

A neighbor's barking dog

There are a lot of things one can do during this quarantine period but you have to keep in mind your limits so that you remain considerate to your neighbors. You should understand that being a good neighbor during this time would also be beneficial to everyone.

– During this time of quarantine, you must be considerate towards your neighbors.
– If you have a dog, be sure that they don’t stay outside for too long.
– If you plan to play music, play it at an acceptable volume.

The most important groups of people you should always consider are elderlies, children, those vulnerable, and those who work during night shifts. Also, remember to be considerate towards animals like doggos. If you are playing some music, you should play it at an acceptable volume because your neighbors could get annoyed if it’s too loud. If you are doing some work in your house, be sure to do it during reasonable hours of the day and not at night.


If you are thinking of having a bonfire, see to it that you are burning materials that would not cause problems to those who are asthmatic, have bronchitis, or have lung-related issues.

If you are the one who has dogs, be sure not to keep your dog outside of your home because they might bark incessantly since they see you inside the house. This time of being stuck at home is also a great time to spend with your pets so they don’t become a disturbance to the community.

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