Composer Makes Score Similar To The Classics – It’s Just As Effective In Soothing Dogs

Dogs of different breeds and ages

A composer named Iain Jackson made a score called “A Dog’s Stale” and it is similar to classical music. The composer tested the song on a group of dogs and it was clear that their stress levels decreased.

– A composer made a song for dogs.
– The composer wanted the dogs to feel relaxed and calm.
– The dogs to whom the music was tested are…

Jackson said that the two goals they had as to why they wrote such song for dogs were to create something that has a calming effect and help dogs to relax. It seems that the goal was met because according to Jackson, some of the dogs even slept while the dog owners also felt relaxed. Jackson had an orchestra with him as he conducted his score in front of his doggie audience of different ages and breeds.

According to studies, listening to classical music also lowers the pulse rate and blood pressure. A veterinarian was there to assess how well the dogs reacted to the song of Jackson.


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