Company Wants To Help Ease The Anxiety Of Shelter Dogs By…

Dogs at a shelter visited by a volunteer

A company called ThunderBus is helping Companion Animal Alliance, a shelter. They want to help ease the anxiety that the shelter dogs are feeling.

– A company called ThunderBus is helping a dog shelter in Louisiana.
– They are providing them with items they made to help ease the anxiety of shelter doggos.
– Some of the items include…

They are from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and they have a couple of amazing products that can help doggos. first, they have a ThunderShirt that dog owners can put on their doggos whenever there is a thunderstorm or loud noises outside. The shirt will make them feel more comfortable during a stressful time. They also have treats called ThunderWonders. They also have scents that doggos can smell so they can relax and it is called ThunderEase. These items will be donated by the company to the shelter.

The pet anxiety team of ThunderBus said in a statement that for dog owners to help find the best solutions for when their doggos feel anxious or stressed out, they have to know the signs. They noted, “Classic signs are whining, you have scratching, barking, these are things we would all recognize, but even things such as tail-wagging, lip licking, and yawning, those can also be signs in the wrong circumstances.” Aside from their products, they also suggested playing music or some white noise in the background while the dog is in a calm room.


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