What Is The ‘Comedy Pet Theatre’? If You Want To Know You Should…

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A Russian performer named Gregory Popovich has a lot of cats and dogs that perform with him on stage. They are all part of the “Popovich Comedy Pet Theater” and they will be in Missouri soon. If you want to hear music, see amazing performances, or just be there because of the dogs and the cats, you should check out below the details about their performance.

– The “Popovich Comedy Pet Theater” will be in Missouri this weekend.
– There will be music and performances involving dogs and cats.
– The human performer is from Russia and he…

The animal performers are actually dogs and cats from rescue shelters. They are part of skits, magic tricks, acrobatics, and more. The performance will be at the Missouri Theater this weekend, January 25. Popovich said that he used dogs and cats because he wanted people to know that these animals from shelters are talented and smart. He added, “If, after the show, someone from the audience uses the local animal shelter, (the) message reached its target.”

Also, Popovich prides himself in the fact that the animals are not forced. They are trained with attention, care, and love. Also, a portion of the proceeds from the tickets will be given to Friends of the Animal Shelter.


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