The Coachella For Dogs Will Be A Blast With Fun-Filled Activities, Music, And More!

Dogs at an outdoor event

The event that has been dubbed as “Coachella for dogs” will be taking place for the fourth time. The annual event will have doggos and dog owners dancing to live music and enjoying a lot of acitvities.

Dogapalooza will take place in Melbourne this November.
– Dogs will enjoy live music and other activities.
– Dog owners will, on the other hand, enjoy…

The event is called Dogapalooza and it takes place in Melbourne. It started in 2015 but the most popular event to date was in 2017 when tickets were sold out. Dogapalooza will take place this November at the Burnley Park. The organizers of the event said that the initial music acts are Hayden Calnin and DJ Lorde Florence Fleetwood.


Beer, food trucks, and amazing activities, which have not been detailed yet, will be expected at the Dogapalooza. There will be VIP packages and “Early Dog” tickets will be on sale by next week and remember that dogs do not have to pay anything. The proceeds from Dogapalooza will benefit lots of dog-related charities.

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