One Cinema In This Country Will Host The First Ever Film Night Where Doggos Could Watch

Two dogs watching a movie

Dog lovers and dog owners will surely be delighted with this news bit. A cinema in Perthshire in Scotland will soon launch screening times where dogs and dog owners could watch a movie without being told that pets are not allowed in the cinema.

Dogs in Perthshire, Scotland will be able to watch “Isle of Dogs.”
– Doggos will be watching it at a cinema in Perthshire.
– This event is one way for Perthshire to…

The theater called The Playhouse said that once they screen “Isle of Dogs,” doggos are welcome to watch. The latest announcement is one of the moves of the area to let people know that they are dog-friendly. The cinema announced that the dog owners bring blankets with them so their doggos can also sit on the chairs. Tickets will be on sale by Wednesday and will only have 50 slots.


“Isle of Dogs” has been a huge hit all over the world.

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