Christmas Songs Stress You Out During The Holidays – Do You Know What Will Make You Feel Less Anxious?

A dog and his human on Christmas

Christmas is just a few hours away and a lot of people are stressing over what to do during one of the most awaited days of the year. Accordingly, hearing Christmas songs actually stress out people more so they need a calming factor and that’s where doggos and other animals come in.

– People get overwhelmed during the holidays.
– Dogs and cats can help during the holidays.
– They help people to destress because…

Per the American Psychological Association, 38 percent of the people from their study said that their stress levels increase during the holidays. A clinical psychologist said that this is because people feel overwhelmed with their to-do lists. Aside from listening to holiday music, travelling days before the holidays would also increase a person’s stress level.


There is one way to destress though and that’s bonding with your dog, cat, or other pets. Cat owners have an edge though because spending around 15 minutes with your cat increases your body’s serotonin production. For dog owners, spending time with them decreases the possibility of a heart attack. Watching cat and dog videos would also help if you do not own any pet.

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