Seems Like Chris Hemsworth, His Kids, And Their Doggo Is A Fan Of Miley Cyrus’ Music

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A video of Chris Hemsworth with his kids and their dog singing and dancing to Miley Cyrus’ hit music “Wrecking Ball” graced the internet. However, it did not end so well because the doggo seemingly did not like Hemsworth to be the star.

Chris Hemsworth is a fan of his future sister-in-law Miley Cyrus.
– He posted a video of him with his kids and their dog lip-syncing one of her songs.
– The dog attacked Hemsworth during the latter part of the video.

Most of the kids acted like Hemsworth’s back-up dancers as well as their family dog. Hemsworth then tried to sing while on the floor but the doggo attacked him playfully, which later caused the demise of Hemsworth’s performance.

Hemsworth posted the video on his Instagram account and said that his “groundbreaking music video” ended because of a savage attack by their dog. It could be recalled that “Wrecking Ball” was Cyrus’ song for Hemsworth’s brother Liam when they broke up years ago.


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