What You Should Know About Chicago Dog Bars – A Place Where There’s Music, Booze, And Your Dog

A dog at a bar

One of the Chicago bars that is dog-friendly is Cody’s Public House. These bars are so dog-friendly that these dogs and dog owners are regulars.

Dog bars are popular in Chicago.
– These dog bars allow dogs and dog owners to have a great night.
– One of the famous Chicago dog bars is…

Cody’s Public House even has a dog-friendly menu where doggos can get an order of a burger or beer. Accordingly, Cody’s Public House was named after the owner’s former doggo, an American foxhound.

The other Chicago dog bars are also dog-friendly. Dog owner and doggos can enjoy a night of listening to music, drinking beer, and socializing with other dogs and dog owners. Reports say that the Chicago dog bars are so popular to dog owners that everyone knows the other dog owner’s dog’s name. Another great thing about these Chicago dog bars is that doggos serve as therapy to other people who love dogs but don’t own one.


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