Have You Heard Of The Highest Earning Instagram Doggo? Well, He Appeared In A Katy Perry Music Video And The Rest Is History

A Pomeranian

A dog appeared in the music video of musician Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” back in 2014. After that, the cute Pomeranian doggo has rocketed to fame and his owner has made a fortune out of that.

– A Pomeranian dog has 9 million followers on Instagram.
– He appeared in the music video of Katy Perry in 2014.
– Because of that, he became famous and his owner now…

The doggo, identified as Jiffpom, makes money for being very cute and adorable. He is also a three-time Guinness World Record holder as he is the fastest dog on two paws. Initially, Jiffpom only had 3 million followers on Instagram but his fan base has since grown to a solid 9 million. He has his own merchandise, emojis, and a website. Ariana Grande, another American singer, is also a fan of the doggo.

The dog brings money to the table because he and his owner accept sponsored ads on Instagram and other gigs. The ads featured in the dog’s Instagram account could cost $283 to $14,000.


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