Cat Lover Makes A Musical To Honor A Top Dog Show

Dogs getting ready for a dog show

Not all cat lovers hate dogs. One cat lover even made a musical in honor of the top dog show called Crufts.

– A cat lover made a musical about a dog show.
– The dog show, which is the main subject of the musical, is the Crufts.
– The story will touch on some of the important topics in the canine world like…

The musical is called “A Dog’s Tale” and it tells the story about the dog show of a British institution. The Crufts started in 1891 by Charles Cruft. The writer of the musical, Poppy Hollman, being the cat lover that she is, had to go to a two-day research trip last year at the famous dog show in order to write the musical. The musical will include topics like puppy farming and over breeding.

The first show of “A Dog’s Tale” will be at the Marsden Mechanics Hall in May. Some of the audiences will be allowed to bring their doggos with them during the musical.


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