Apparently, There’s An Event Called Canine Musical Freestyle And You Will Surely Love It!

A dancing dog

A dog owner and a writer about pet health, nutrition, and training, Christy Powers, attended the recently concluded event called Canine Musical Freestyle. It’s a fun event where you and your doggos move to the beat and possibly win.

– The Canine Musical Freestyle in Tucson was recently held.
– Lots of dog owners with their doggos went there.
– It is basically an event showing dog owners moving to the beat while…

The Canine Musical Freestyle was an event that took place in Tucson. Many dog owners go to the event with their doggos to compete for titles. It is a sport and it has no limit as to what kind of dog you bring with you and the best thing is it does not have an age limit too. The Canine Musical Freestyle first happened in Canada sometime in the 90s and it has since spread to different parts of the world.

Whatever the music is – waltz, jazz, pop – you and your dog will surely do well because there are no recommended things to do because basically, you and your dog could just do your thing when you are up on stage. Some, however, perform skits and choreographed numbers during the event.


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