Event For Cancer Patients Left One Event-Goer Devastated After His Doggo Was Not Allowed To Go In

A cancer patient with a dog

An event for cancer patients called Relay For Life was supposed to be a fun event that had both music on loop and live music playing. However, one event-goer chose not to take part of the festivities after his doggo was not allowed to go with him during the event.

A cancer patient was part of the Relay For Life event.
– The patient and his family had their dog with them.
– The dog is not a therapy dog but has…

It was a first time for the 21-year-old to join the event. He was diagnosed with leukemia in March 2017 and was very excited to be part of the event alongside his doggo. The dog is not a therapy dog but the doggo has been the source of comfort for the cancer patient. The family decided to just leave the event instead of losing their dog.

The event organizers have not commented on the incident yet.


Read the unfortunate story by Kalina Laframboise here – https://globalnews.ca/news



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