Canadian Singer, Songwriter Makes A Music Video Starring His Doggo

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A Canadian singer and songwriter named Matt Mays released a new music video. The star of the music video is his doggo.

– A Canadian singer released an album last year called “Dog City.”
– One of his songs is called “Talking to the Sky.”
– It starred his doggo named Rhuby.

The music video was for his song called “Talking to the Sky.” He released this song back in May but the music video was made available to the public just recently. His doggo Rhuby was the star of the music video.

In a statement by Mays, he said that he took the opportunity to challenge himself as a songwriter and musician to produce a whole album called “Dog City” in more than a month. He produced the said album during the international quarantine. He said that his latest album is about “pure freedom, love, contentment, companionship and all the stuff in between.”


More on the album, he said that he has had the idea for many years now. He continued to share about the album, “I spend a lot of time in dog parks and I call the one closes to my house ‘Dog City.’ So, I wrote the album through the eyes of my dog at the time, while simultaneously getting a lot off my own chest subconsciously.”

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