Canadian Musicians Adopt Doggo While They Were Playing For People In Texas

A brown boxer dog

The love for dogs know no time and place. Two musicians were in Texas recently and when they left, they had a new doggo in tow. They adopted the animal at a shelter in the area.

– Canadian musicians were in Texas recently.
– They adopted a doggo while there.
– The dog is the third doggo that the musicians had and they got it from a…

The musical duo called Winnie Brave, which is composed of a husband and a wife named Amy and Brad McIsaac, were in Texas for their annual tour. Their music is characterized as one for people who are open to new music and they usually sing at brewery and winery stops.

While they were in Texas, they also had a great time with a 10-month-old boxer-bird dog mix from an animal shelter that they decided to adopt it. The dog was named Birdie and is the third dog that the couple has had. They had a pug and a boxer in the past but both already died. They decided to get a dog because the animal “keeps us on the straight and narrow, making us get exercise.”


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