Local Musicians Take Part Of Campaign Against Dog Meat Consumption

A dog from a meat farm

A group called Dog Meat Free Indonesia, a 2018 beauty pageant winner and a band called Shaggydog all came together against one thing – dog meat consumption. They recently released videos to create awareness about their campaign.

– A group for doggos, a beauty pageant winner, and a band came together for a campaign.
– The campaign is against dog meat consumption.
– The band, the beauty pageant winner, and the group came up with…

The videos were given the title “Now You Know” or “Kini Kamu Tahu” in their local language. The purpose of the videos is to let people stop eating dog meat. Accordingly, there are still a lot of kiosks in Yogyakarta in Indonesia that sells dog meat. Every day, around  6,500 doggos are killed to keep the dog meat trade alive.


The videos show how these doggos are caught then slaughtered for their meat. They hope to put the video up on YouTube by next week.

Read the rest of the detailed article written by Bambang Muryanto at – https://www.thejakartapost.com



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