Broadway Stars Create Music Video For Christmas To Celebrate Their Doggos

A dog near a Christmas tree

Marissa Rosen and Marty Thomas, who are Broadway best friends, released a music video for a song they came up with to celebrate Christmas. This is not just a song because it is actually dedicated to doggos.

– Broadway stars Marissa Rosen and Marty Thomas made a new version of “Puppies Are Forever.”
– They released a music video alongside the song.
– The song hopes to remind people to responsibly adopt doggos during this pandemic.

The song is called “Puppies Are Forever” and the video was star-studded with Broadway stars. The song was initially written and recorded by Sia for her album “Everyday Is Christmas” but Thomas and Rosen made a new version of the song. They wanted to give it a new meaning because of their experiences with their own fur babies during this coronavirus pandemic.

The message of the song is to responsibly adopt doggos during this pandemic. One of the lines says, “Puppies are forever, not just for Christmas.” Also, the Broadway stars pointed out how having a doggo helped them feel safe and loved.


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