British Musician Helps Elderlies, Walks Doggos During Coronavirus Pandemic

An elderly woman with her dogs

There remains a lot of good people in this world especially at times like this. During the distressing coronavirus pandemic, a British musician named Tom Grennan, has been delivering food to elderlies and helps in walking doggos for dog owners who cannot go out.

– A British musician decided to help elderlies in his area.
– He gets their groceries for them.
– He also walks their doggos during this time of quarantine.

Accordingly, the singer has been lending a hand to residents in Bethanl Green, Dalston, and Shoreditch in London. He decided to help the elderlies in the area by getting their groceries to them and walking their doggos because the elderlies are part of the most vulnerable citizens during this pandemic. He took to Twitter to share what he is doing and he added, “Big love to everyone, we’re a dream team in times of adversity.”

To help others cope during the quarantine, he also promised his fans that he will be posting covers of music to keep them entertained. He said that once he is finished doing errands for the elderlies, he will go live or record a cover.


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