Brett Eldredge Hosts Meet And Greet At A Dog Park And…

A dog playing with his toys

Country music singer Brett Eldredge is one of the most popular names in the country music scene right now but his dog might be more popular than him. He recently held a meet and greet at a dog park and he did not expect that a lot of people will come and see him and his doggo.

Brett Eldredge’s dog is really popular.
– The country music singer recently held a meet and greet at a dog park.
– Many people turned up and gave…

In his recent interview, Eldredge was asked if he thinks his dog is the most popular dog in country music now. Eldredge said that he just might be but he thinks that it’s weird that a dog could be famous. Eldredge continued to share that during the meet and greet, his doggo got a lot of presents from those who came to see them at the dog park.

Eldredge also said that doggie toys are usually thrown on stage whenever he goes out and sings for a crowd.


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