Brett Eldredge Surely Loves His Doggo Because His Furry Pal Was Featured In His ‘Love Someone’ Music Video

A Weimaraner

Brett Eldredge is known to be a dog lover because he spends a lot of time with his doggo, Edgar. Because he loves his dog so much, his fur baby was featured many times in the new music video of his hit single “Love Someone.”

The dog of Brett Eldredge is touring with him.
– Because of this, there were a lot of videos showing the dog and the dog owner bonding on- and off-stage.
– The dog is now part of the new music video of Eldredge for…

In the music video, the dog could be seen on-stage and off-stage with his human. In most parts of the video, Eldredge could be seen singing the song during his many tours in different places in front of his adoring fans.

Edgar is actually also on tour together with Eldredge and the country music singer shared that he still gets the chance to be fit because his dog has helped him a lot. He also added that his dog helps him cope with the loneliness he feels from being away from home.


See the music video below:

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