Wow, This Doggo Was An Amazing Dance Partner!

A Border Collie lab mix

A doggo and his dog owner are now trending on social media. This comes after the doggo and the owner competed in the 2020 International Freestyle Heelwork to Music competition.

– A doggo and its owner are making rounds online.
– The dog and its human danced to Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life” during the 2020 International Freestyle Heelwork to Music competition.
– The dog was such a good dancing partner as they performed their…

According to the video, the song that they danced to was Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life.” The dog did a fantastic job performing some tricks while its human was dancing to the song. The video was uploaded on Twitter and many did not know that there was even such a competition. A lot of people shared the video and commented on it saying that it was an amazing thing to watch.

The doggo was identified as Breeze. The dog is a 10-year-old black and white border collie. The dog owner, on the other hand, was identified as Monika Ballerini from Switzerland. It is unclear if this was their first time competing.


The International Freestyle Heelwork to Music competition is recognized as a sport by the U.K. Kennel Club. Here, the dog and the dog owner should choreograph a dance routine that is around four minutes long.

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